Data Science Series by Rajesh Kollipara

Lesson 2 : What is Data Science?

Welcome to the world of Data Science !!

Whenever we talk about Data Science , we usually get confused between Data Analysis ,Data Insights, and Data Science.

Let’s see few examples of Data Insights.

  1. Determining whether a person has a heart disease.
  2. Predicting whether a customer will buy the product.
  3. Predicting the spread of the Covid-19 in the third wave.
  4. Classifying an image as cat or dog.

In the above examples we are doing Predictions. That is , extracting meaningful Data Insights from the existing data.

Let’s make it more clear.

Let’s take the third example. ‘Predicting the spread of the Covid-19 in the third wave’.

If we look into this example in more detail, there might be a question on how to predict the third wave.

We are not doing any magic here. Or any assumptions or any imaginations what is going to happen in the third wave.

What we are doing here is we are using the past data of Covid-19 during first and second wave to predict the third wave.

Using Past Data -> We are extracting the Data Insights.

So what is the role of a Data Science here.

Data Science produces Data Insights from the past or history data.

Hope you got a better idea about the role of the Data Science.

Then what is Data Analysis.

Data Analysis always deals with what already happened. That is, understanding the past or history.

Data Science deals with producing the Data Insights.

In simple words, the intention of the Data Science is extracting data insights using past data.

Therefore, Data Science tries to understand the past data using Data Analysis, more precisely using Statistics and produces Data Insights.

So fundamentally, Data Science is a combination of Business, Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Processing.

In the next blog, we will see how to analyze the data.

Till then, Good Bye.

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